Different Direction Choir

A Different Direction Choir

A Different Direction choir was first formed in June 2014 for the Sing for Cransley event which took place later that year in October. Six choirs were put together 'from scratch' - this meant that the members in each group had never sung together, some of the members had never sung before either, or at least not for many many years!

Finally the October contest date came and we took our place on the stage in front of a few hundred people. Having sung their very best, they were rewarded with a massive audience applause and comments from the judges who couldn't fault them. The other five choirs were strong competition, but in the end the judges unanimously decided that A Different Direction were their winners.

Since that date the choir has continued to meet in Raunds (East-Northamptonshire) and to its own testament is continuing to grow and attract new members. The choir opened the second Sing for Cransley event in October 2015 and demonstrated to an excited audience how far they had come since the original contest and what a great starting point it was.